R&F Princess Cove: The future landmark of Johor

HONG KONG-listed R&F Properties Co Ltd marks its first venture into the property development in Malaysia with its upcoming mega residential project in Johor Bharu called R&F Princess Cove. This project will be a mixed- use development which will comprise a 5-star hotel, office towers, parks, shopping malls, a clubhouse and luxury apartments also known as HOPSCA.

R&F Princess Cove is in close proximity to the next upcoming Tanjung Puteri RTS (mass rapid transit) interchange, which will be the gateway to Iskandar Malaysia direct from Singapore. The development will be built on 116 acres (46.9 hectares) of land, which is expected to be completed within the next eight years.

The first phase of the R&F Princess Cove residence consists of built- up areas ranging from 469sq ft to l,391sq ft. The units will have a maximum of four bedrooms and three bathrooms, depending on layout.
Additionally, the serviced apartments will also have dual key units to increase the flexibility and functionality features which will encourage buyers to make full use of the space available to them.

Furthermore, residents at the R&F Princess Cove serviced apartments will enjoy various attractive facilities which will include a garden clubhouse, gazebo, swimming pool, fully-equipped gymnasium, children’s playground, VIP waiting room, a bar with a sea view as well as an indoor bar. Additionally, the development will be surrounded by an abundance of greenery and gardens for its residents, facilitated by serenity and pristine views of the surrounding areas.

Interested buyers may visit the modem, resort-style R&F Princess Cove sales gallery spanning approximately 45,000sq ft. For more information about the Iskandar Johor Bahru Property , please visit www.malaysiapropertyiskandar.com .

The huge sales gallery was built to impress with its elevated decks, long coastal beach, a music fountain, private wharf, an infinity pool and a garden.